You are not an interesting person

When you list your interests and passions on the internet, do not list ‘rock climbing’, ‘skydiving,’ ‘cattle rustling’, or any other ‘faux dangerous’ activity as a hobby/activity you do, UNLESS YOU DO IT MORE WEEKENDS THAN YOU DON’T.

Going skydiving once does not make you an interesting person, going skydiving a million times, doesn’t mean you’ve lived your life to the fullest.  Not lying to yourself, and giving other people some respect, by not pretending you are something you aren’t is what it’s all about.  I read too damned much, a lot of it comic books, pretty much weekly or monthly, and I get quite a bit out of it.  Such as this paraphrased little gem out of ‘Ultimate Spider-man’ written by Brian Michael Bendis:  “You see all these people running around just trying to SEEM like they are better than what they really are, not actually putting forth any EFFORT to learn anything or improve themselves or even acknowledge the existence of their fellow man.”

The moral of this rant is… put up or shut up, don’t lie to the world about who you are, don’t try to make yourself SEEM (fecking) better, be the person that calls out the bullshitters, regardless of who you might piss off.  Surround yourself with people who add to the world, not those who constantly ridicule or detract from it.

Anyway, I’m off to work on my Spider Jerusalem Quotes Page.

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