About SexCpotatoes


SexCpotatoes is the nom de plume as well as internet handle of Nicholas Cincinat, an amateur artist and author of little to no renown. The name actually came out of the AIM screen name generator, in case you were wondering. He is simultaneously working his full time job, avoiding producing a webcomic that shares his screen name featuring anthropomorphic orange construction barrels and equipment, and blogs occasionally here, but more often posts designs and stuff here.

If you really want to read his horrible writing, some of it is posted at http://www.blog.sxcpotatoes.com but don’t say you were not warned.

Lead procrastinist around here, fought and won against Redflex putting Red Light Cameras in the City of Canton, OH. You can find him on Twitter, but not Facebook.

He lives and drinks in Northeast Ohio. Given enough time, can probably do anything but the cancan.