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A Few Not So Obvious Ways To Save Money

Harley wants to be washed?

What kind of laundry basket do you use? Round, rectangular, well whatever type it is I’m sure it has hundreds of tiny windows for your clothes to peek out.  It will be brittle and broken within a year. Instead, you should use storage totes for your laundry like I do. I’ve been using a couple Rubbermaid and Sterilite brand storage totes that have no holes in the sides (sans lids of course), and haven’t had to replace them for over a decade. Really, the holes only make sense if you’re going to put clothes in the laundry basket when they aren’t fully dry and then forget about them.

The clothes get folded, and anything not fully dry goes on top for hanging in the bathroom at home.

While we’re on the subject of laundry, I don’t use fabric softener. It’s a scam, full of scents I’m likely allergic to (I’m allergic to whatever smellification chemical they put in perfumes/air fresheners), and many chemicals we really don’t need touching our skin. Opt out of the b.s. I haven’t noticed my nipples chafing or any other ill effects from this either. So give it a try, go three weeks/three washes without the needless additives and see if you notice any difference. If your really MUST have softening action, I think I read somewhere that 1/3 cup or so of white vinegar added during rinse cycle can have much of the same effect.


Another thing I’ve noticed that makes no sense is dish towels. If these thin, crappy cloths were supposed to dry more than 3 or 4 dishes at a go, I sure as hell can’t figure out how to do it! Which is why I bought fluffy bathroom hand towels for kitchen use. If you’re wiping grime off the stove, or cleaning out the microwave, you’re using a sponge, scrubber, or good old dish rag, not the thin dish towels. Really, the only things dish towels come into contact with is wet hands and wet (clean) dishes, so they should last almost forever! Why fall into the trap of buying thin, cheap, annoying dish towels that just smear water around and you have to give up and let them air-dry.. Maybe they have roosters or apples or a sunflower pattern, but are they for show or for WORK?


Well, that’s it for now. I’ve got a few more things I could add to this, but maybe they deserve their own post at a later date. Thanks for reading.

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