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‘m a lazy bastard. I’d rather soak up entertainment and read most of what passes in front of me than actually making stuff. Content. Pictures, words, video. Well, I decided I’m going to update at least one thing every day. To keep myself honest I’m hoping you’ll hold me accountable for this. Give me loads of shite if I don’t actually make something, post something, or accomplish something each day.

I’ve been posting over at my design blog with a bunch of awesome t-shirt designs I’ve come up with on . I wrote a bit on my novel the other day at work, on breaks, so I’m probably going to start posting parts of that on my writing blog which I’ll link later sometime or it’s down in some corner of this page.

I plan on increasing my workload each day if possible and seeing how much good stuff I can produce. I’m also sort of tired of seeing all this stuff that gets put out and knowing ‘it could be done better.’

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  • Lynn Crain says:

    You’ll find this is easier said than done. It all gets boring then you’ll let it languish for a while before you discover it again.

    When you do, it will all be shiny and new, and you’ll love doing it. But it’s hard, yet, it can be done.

    Good luck!


  • SexCpotatoes says:

    I think I can I think I can…

    I’ve got three or four blogs, a webcomic, and some other project ideas in mind. My goal is to work at it now and produce so much good stuff that I can coast through the inevitable slump. I plan on having two or three novels done by the end of this year. Right after I get done with Podcamp Cleveland

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